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Digital signage is a method of displaying advertising, promotions or other information through LCD, LED, plasma or projected displays. Digital Signage has become the modern medium of choice to efficiently, and quickly, get your company’s message to as many prospective customers as possible. You see them everywhere, shopping malls, airports, hotels, train stations, even coffee shops and fast food chains.

The information can be movie files, images, flash animations, TV channels and news tickers. You can manage a single screen, such as a digital menu board, or multiple screens, like a nationwide network of advertising displays. Digital signage is popular in shops, shopping centres and within the hotel sector and is growing rapidly as a imaginative way of advertising:


Keep travelers up to date on arrival at the airport/bus station for departure times and can double up as an advertising vehicle for shops and restaurants.


Communicate with your customers about in-store specials, directing customers to other parts of the store, managing traffic and hotspots and conveying brand messages.  Attract attention and give your customers the information they require easily such as menus to make a decsion for quicker turnover.


Display interest rates and product information, as well as lifestyle messages and branding. Digital signage can also be used for queue management in larger banks.

Casinos and Entertainment Venues

Create a customer experience that is consistent with the ambiance and atmosphere of excitement.

Doctors/Dentists Waiting Rooms

Provide entertainment and information to patients and can double up as an advertising vehicle to pharmaceutical companies and other providers.

Schools and Universities

Facilitate a level of communication between parties that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

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Business Digital Signage

Hospitality brands invest millions in making the guest experience exceptional whether to use as an advertising vehicle or turning their establishment into a work of art. Larger format screens can show gorgeous visuals of the property and streaming video can entice them to try on-site amenities. Interactive kiosks let them check out flight information, weather forecasts and make reservations. Network Solutions can provide a flexible, reliable and easy-to-use digital signage network which will wow your guests, improves efficiency and increase sales.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, your guests would love to be delighted. Let the latest in digital display technology wow them with instant and intuitive access to amenities, nearby attractions and helpful information. With a wide array of applications built specifically for hotels and resorts, you can quickly implement a network of displays throughout your properties that keep them informed.

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Digital Signage in hotels mainly concentrate on the following aspects:

Hotel Lobby

The screens can serve as a source of entertainment in hotel lobbies. But there's another reason hotels are adopting the technology. Hotels are using it as another avenue to drive brand loyalty, and even increase revenue for the hotel. Hotels can use the screens to hawk their services and products. Want to book a spa treatment? You can easily do it on many hotel digital screens. Digital signage in lobbies has the potential to help mold the guests' arrival experience.

They can also help hotels that don't have the resources to keep concierges on site all the time. With digital signage, a hotelier always has the right information available on demand in the lobby for their guests.


Why not entertain your guests and supply them with information about your restaurants, entertainment onsite or in the local area or even the local weather forecase when they are using the elevator. Use this valuable time by promoting your services with digital signage.

Guest Rooms

In-room channels can be controlled with the same software that handles the room and event schedules, making it easier to deliver the same information and promotions throughout the facility. With the increasing amount of time consumers are traveling and staying in hotels, the opportunity to reach those consumers through video advertising channels becomes invaluable.

Hospitality Digital Signage